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Eco-Friendly Mattresses to Support a Natural, Quality Sleep

10" thick, coil free, all natural mattress. 

FIRMNESS: Reloks is designed on a firmer side. Firm base, but softer top, which provides an excellent comfort (especially while you sleep on your side) yet ultimate support. Compare to other mattresses  offered online, Reloks is firmer plus hypo-allergenic.

Reloks is around 7 on the firmness scale 1-10 when 10 is like a rock and 1 is super soft.

Most of the memory gel and poly foam mattresses on the market are super soft-saggy even they are described otherwise.  This causes a discomfort and back pain. Reloks is designed to provide an ORTHOPEDIC BACK SUPPORT.





Enjoy a quality sleep with a Reloks all natural latex mattress. Manufactured using the highest quality materials, our latex mattresses are hypoallergenic and designed without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals. Discover the difference an eco-friendly mattress can make and wake up feeling refreshed, from a luxurious sleep on our custom made, air ventilated foam that is crafted entirely with materials from nature.

Our superior mattress design was created in Europe, the leader in sleep technology and we manufacture our product entirely in Toronto, Canada. The result is a healthy, eco-friendly and natural product that will eliminate the need to for you to ever sleep on a toxic surface again.









Benefits of RelOks Mattresses

Compare to memory foam mattresses, which are fully chemical made, our relOks mattresses are made from All Natural Latex.

 Copper-Infused All Natural Latex Provides Unique Medical Benefits.

-Encourages Proper growth
-Encourages pigmentation and coloration (melanin)
-Brain stimulation
-Prevents premature aging
-Defends against infection (can inactivate antibiotic resistant strains such as MRSA)
-Helps utilize iron and sugar
-Essential in creating connective tissue
-Reduces bad cholesterol
-Ensures healing of wounds + creation of red blood cells
-Ensures the proper use + healthy of thyroid

All natural Latex Naturally Hypo-allergenic

  • Derived from the rubber tree
  • Ventilated air-paths provide a cool, comfortable sleep.
  • Eliminates pressure points that can cause a restless sleep and alignment discomfort.
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic
  • Anti-microbial
  • Long life time
NOTE:  Latex allergy is only on the Synthetic Latex, which we don't use.
RelOks is made from All Natural Hypo-Allergenic Talalay and Copper-Infused Natural Talalay.

Our 100% latex mattresses promote a healthy, high-quality sleep experience, night after night. By only using hypoallergenic materials, your mattress is antifungal, anti-microbial as well as naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and harmful bacteria, allowing you to sleep better and breathe easier. Natural latex foam is gathered from Hevea milk, which is the sap from Rubber Trees. Once the sap has been extracted, it is molded and baked into solid foam and properly cured. After completing a rigorous testing and inspection process, your Reloks latex mattress is ready to provide many nights of wonderful sleep.

By designing a unique balance between proper postural support and soft comfort, our natural latex mattresses do not easily transmit movement, meaning that if you sleep with a partner you will not feel their body shifting on your side of the bed. The self-ventilating structure of natural latex comes from designing pinhole patterns during the manufacturing process to deliver exceptional air circulation and a comfortable, cool sleeping temperature.


Eco-friendly latex provides superb body pressure distribution properties, making it a highly recommended option by medical professionals, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and osteopaths. Not only is it optimal for your physical health, but is incredibly durable and long lasting, providing a fantastic financial return on investment.