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20 years of manufacturing experience plus exhibiting in Europe helped to create this EXCELLENT NATURAL MATTRESS which is now available here in North America, thanks to Reloks! Europe is known as the leader in sleep industry science and technology. Advanced in material trends and design geared for an exceptional quality of sleep - we leveraged European concepts and created the healthy eco-friendly mattress.


Our RELOKS mattresses are manufactured in our brand new, high-tech factory in Toronto, Canada. 

We used our professional knowledge and long experience to create a real, top quality mattress, which is designed to give you an ultimate comfort and the best orthopedic back support with using NATURAL MATERIAL like hypo-allergenic all natural latex which is THE BEST and the most expensive material in bedding industry.

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Our mattress was co-designed in Europe and Toronto, but it's entirely manufactured right here in Toronto, Canada.
We only use the highest quality, premium materials!
We commit to only using ECO-FRIENDLY, NON-TOXIC, and NATURAL materials, which not only supports a healthy sleep but also provides THE BEST Comfort, Support, and Longevity of the mattress.


All natural mattresses are usually the most expensive on the market due to the premium quality material used. We believe that a mattress made with natural, eco-friendly materials shouldn't cost a fortune.

We are pleased to extend An Exclusive offer to get All Natural, Top Quality Mattress for a low price!