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Reloks Natural Line

Reloks Natural Line

Reloks Mattresses

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made by Mattress Specialists with over 20years of experience and customers trust.
Made in CANADA
Try it for 100 nights.
Free shipping - free returns.
We designed the highest quality mattress which is extremely comfortable and supportive. Firm base with a softer top provides the most comfortable sleep. However, If it doesn't work for you, simply return it and we will refund your money. You have 100 nights to try our natural bamboo mattress.
10" thick mattress - 3 layers (Hypo allergenic 100% natural latex, soy foam transition foam, soy foam super high density base core). 
 All Natural Mattress - Medium Firm/Firm. On the firmness scale  1-10 when 10 is like a rock, Reloks is on a firmer side (around 7), but with the super comfortable softer top part - to provide the best comfort and at the same time, contours to your body with no pressure points.
Excellent Comfort - Ultimate Support.
Bamboo cover, all natural mineral foam, natural latex and soy based foam. 

Made in Canada.
10 year warranty

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